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Jayavantrao Ghyar Patil Charitable Organization & Trust welcomes volunteers.

 The community needs your ideas and your knowledge. Anyone with a desire to work selflessly for the welfare of society is welcome. We want support for proposal writing, fundraising, ground-level volunteering support, etc. We work in the areas of agriculture, environment, education, and healthcare, and we need volunteers for the various social projects that are under implementation.

Please register your name as an interested volunteer. You will be contacted according to the needs of the project.

 Volunteers will be awarded an honorary certificate/experience certificate by the organization.

If any desire volunteer with us please write us Email – jgpsshng@rediffmail.com, text message or What’s app +918975363835

Virtual Volunteer with us

Mr. Akhilesh Soodan – J & K, – Chezuba PVt. Ltd.

Mrs. Kashis Mehara ( Indore – MP) – Tata Sustainability Group (TSG)

Mrs. Surbhi Jain – Tata Sustainability Group (TSG)

Mr.Prakash Chand- Taj Group – Tata Sustainability Group (TSG)

Mr. Pradip Pahari – Mumbai, – Connect For Organisation

Mrs. Meghna Misra – Kolkata, – Connect For Organisation

Mrs. Pranita Chaure ( M.Sc. Agri. )- Yavatmal (MS)

Mrs. Astha G Bhatatacharya ( Assam ) – Bhumi NGO

Mr. Utkarsh Sahu (Pune) – Bhumi NGO

Mr. Prabor Mukharji – Bhumi NGO

Mr. Suyash Kadam (Mumbai) – Bhumi NGO

Mrs. Ashwini Sawant ( Mumbai ) – Connect For Organization

Mr. Vikram Chidgopkar- Pune, GAP Coach

Mrs. Aparna Mehara- Mumbai, GAP Coach

GAP, Team

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