Organic Farming

Under this program, we are creating awareness about organic farming because it is the need of the times. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc affects the health of the consumers as well as the health of the soil. It has a detrimental effect on fertility among other things. Illnesses and diseases are on the rise. Until 30 to 40 years ago, diabetes was unheard of in most of the villages, but the incidence of diabetes as well as blood pressure, heart attacks, etc is on the rise. The overall impact, as everyone knows by now, is devastating. Chemical-free food can definitely reverse this unhealthy trend.

Organic farming

The growing numbers of suicides by farmers, the lack of profitability in farming has discouraged many from taking to agriculture as a means of living. Also, as families grow, the land gets divided among siblings as a result of which everyone has less.

The demand for organic food is increasing in urban areas; awareness of its health benefits is high among the educated sections of society. But greater awareness of its positive effects needs to be created.

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We are trying to drive this point home through our program. The Organic Farmer Productive Group has been formed at Jamthi (Khurd ) Block & Dist: Hingoli to further this cause. We have registered with the Agriculture Department, Maharashtra, Department of ATAMA, and our group is actively engaged in organic grain production. Farmers also benefit from the many government schemes. JGPSS is very eager to popularize this program.

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