About our Founder

Chandrakant Ghyar Patil, the founder of Jayavantrao Ghyar Patil Sevabhavi  Sanstha (JGPSS), was moved by the poverty, the ignorance, and the lack of opportunities he saw around him and decided to start his non-profit organization. A post-graduate in Social Science (MSW), he decided that he would work to rid his surroundings of these social evils, and he would do this by involving the community in his work.

Based in HIngoli district, Chandrakant Ghyar Patil has worked as a District Level Assistant Project Officer in the Sakshar Bharat 2012’ program under the Continuing Education department. He has also worked as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the education campaign.

Chandrakant  Ghyar Patil’s work has been appreciated and recognized by the government. He is a recipient of the District  Level Adarsh Teachers Award, and he has been honored  by the Government of Maharashtra twice for his work as Block Coordinator – Hingoli Block– in the `Total Sanitation Campaign –Niramal Gram’. His work at the district level has also received recognition.

An erudite and compelling speaker in the Marathi language, his enthusiasm for his work requires him to wear many hats including driving, typing, working on computers, etc. He’s a progressive thinker and has introduced new ideas and technologies in the many areas in which his NGO works.Connect : E-mail : jgpsshng@rediffmail.com. Whatsapp +918975363835