Dam desilting Project

In 2017-18 we worked on the `silt-free dam/farm-with-silt program ( गाळ मुक्त धरण व गाळ युक्त शिवार योजना ). In the course of this program, our organization, working with the government of Maharashtra, Manavlok, Ambajogai, Caring friends, the organization has been doing desilting work at the Hadgaon minor irrigation dam (Gram Panchayat Bhingi, Block & Dist. Hingoli). We provide this silt free of cost to the farmer. The idea was received enthusiastically by the farmers; de-silting increased the depth of the dam and, as a result, the level of water in the dam increased. Farmers benefited because the soil water level increased, the fertility of their lands increased, and this is bound to have a positive impact on productivity.

In order to complete this task, the government paid the cost of fuel required by the JCB machine. The rental for the JCB machine came from Makloo Ambazogai and Caring Friends, Mumbai. Some farmers could not afford to rent the tractor to haul the silt to their farms, and we would like donors to come forward to aid in this cause in the future.

Another positive fallout of this program was a good number of unemployed young people and farm workers found work.

This is one example of our simple attempt to eradicate poverty and we believe that it is definitely worthwhile. This is our endeavor to overcome the drought situation. **

Galmukta Daharan Galyukta Shivar Abiyan

This program was implemented with the Maharashtra government’s support, Caring Friends, Mumbai, and Manvlok, Ambajogai, Dist: Beed State: Maharashtra.

Under this program, JGPSS has done a lot of dam
de-siltation work during the period April to May 2018. Under this program, 27266.13 CUM of silt was removed from Hadgavan minor Irrigation dams (Gram Panchayat Bhingi Block & District- Hingoli, Marathwadh region)
and spread in 33 acres of farmland making the farmland fertile. Multiple benefits were observed due to the desiltation of the dam basin and the use of this excavated silt on farmlands. Some areas in which its impact was visible are:

  • Farm land
  • Crop Quality
  • Water Storage
  • Water Table/Ground
  • Water Recharge
  • People Happiness

Our impact

These are the ways in which we had a positive impact:

  1. Farm Land:

A. Health of farmland will definitely improve over a period of time.

B. Expenditure of farmers for Nindan reduced. (Nindan is the process of extracting waste that grows in between rows of crop sown).

C. Saved on fertilizers required for crop growing.
As silt retains water, the soil is productive even when there is a dry gap in the monsoons.

  • 2. Crop Quality:-
    • Crop would be flourished well without any fertilizers dose.
      Hope that crop yield will be increase by reducing input cost.
  • 3. Water storage :
    • A. Dam regains its original storage capacity which has reduced due to siltation over a period of time.
    • B. More water would be available for irrigation, drinking, and other purposes
After desilting

Percolation dam at Bhingi and wells in villages water level are totally dried in summer season and villagers and cattle face the problem of high water scarcity in the area. At the time of de siltation, we excavate a Doha / Budki in a dam basin from which villagers & cattle completed their water
demand. But after rainfall dam filled full of water and wells in village supply with ample quantity of water. Villagers of Bhingi express deep thanks for the desiltation work.

4. Water table/groundwater recharge:

The percolation dam at Bhingi and the wells in villages dry up during summer, and villagers and cattle face water scarcities in the area. At the time of de-siltation, we excavate a Doha / Budki in the dam basin which meets the water needs of the villagers and cattle. After the rains, the dam is full of water and the wells in the village have ample water. Villagers of Bhingi have expressed their gratitude and satisfaction about the desiltation work.

  • A. Ground seepage/percolation increased due to the removal of the compacted silt layer from the dam basin which was obstructing the water seepage.
    • B. Water-bearing aquifers below the dam basin got fully recharged and there was an increase in the surrounding ground-water table.
    • C. Tube well, wells, and the community well in the area are full of water.
  • 5. Happiness :
    • A. The confidence that the spreading of silt will result in an increase in yield has been a huge morale-booster.
    • B. Inspired by the good crop, the farmers have started planning for next year’s “Galmukta Daharan Galyukta Shivar Abiyan”. They are looking forward to spreading silt again on their farmlands.
    • C. The community is happy and has expressed its gratitude for the fact that desiltation has solved the water scarcity problem.
    • D. Tractor-owners are pleased to have found business in their own villages.
    • E. Farmers in other villages have understood the benefits and economics of silt and will hopefully replicate this in their own villages.
News Sakal Bhingi- Hadgaon dam Tq_ Dist. Hingoli 30. 04. 201

Inauguration of the work 2023

Hadgaon minor  Irrigation tank / dam at Adgaon – Bhingi Block & District Hingoli  under Silt Free Dam and Silt with farm land  scheme  2023 Govt. of Maharashtra .  Inauguration of the work of removal of silt from the dam, the present MLA of Hingoli Vidhan Sabha Hon. Mr. Tanhajirao Mutkule. On this occasion, a picture of Gram Panchayat officials and villagers together. Hadgaon minor  Irrigation dam at Adgaon – Bhingi Block & District Hingoli  under Silt Free Dam and Silt with farm land  scheme  2023 Govt. of Maharashtra .  Inauguration of the work of removal of silt from the dam, the present MLA of Hingoli Vidhan Sabha Hon. Mr. Tanhajirao Mutkule. On this occasion, a picture of Gram Panchayat officials and villagers together.
Note: minor irrigation dam Hadgaon GP Bhingi Block & District Hingoli Azimuth angle: 271? (W) Pitch angle: -12.0? (3.0?)


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